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Landlord / Tenant Law

Landlord / Tenant law 

It is important for both landlords and tenants to understand that they are governed by a very specific set of rights and responsibilities.

This is true in residential as well as commercial contexts. At Schilling Law, we are committed to offering effective legal counsel at affordable rates.

By securing representation at an early stage, a landlord will stand a much better chance of promptly and properly evicting a delinquent tenant.

Similarly, a tenant who is being treated unfairly will be able to more forcefully assert their rights and avail themselves of the protections afforded by the law. We can assist with matters related to:

• Tenant and Landlord Rights and Responsibilities
• The Law of Security Deposits
• Damage and Repair Responsibilities
• Partial Rent Payments
• Eviction
• Comprehensive Legal Representation for Landlords and Tenants

We at Schilling Law stand prepared to provide effective, yet affordable representation offering fixed fee arrangements for hearings, evictions and other landlord/tenant work.